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Decades of entrepreneurial, marketing, business and organizational experience has led us to focus on the most important medium of our time: video.

Based in between the mountains and the ocean in Vancouver, Canada, we focus our cinematic storytelling efforts on social organizations, progressive companies, cleantech, foundations and causes, government agencies, eco-tourism and disruptive technologies.

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Our Stories


BC Athletic Commission – Dangers of Dehydration

The BC Athletic Commission, a part of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture in the BC provincial government, came to us with a challenging task. In combat sports such as mixed martial arts, the common practice for fighters is to severely wei...


RISE Documentary

ICLD (Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development) was piloting a new approach to a program for First Nations people in BC: an entrepreneurship focused program that helped all the students launch and operate their own businesses within the...

RISE Documentary


VeloMetro Mobility

As soon as we heard about VeloMetro’s unique three-wheeled, enclosed electric bike, we were hooked. A startup here in Vancouver, they’re filling a transportation niche between personal vehicles and bicycles and were just preparing to launch into t...

Veemo Promo


BC NDP Campaign Videos

Nathan was the tour shooter / camera op for the BC NDP 2017 election campaign and continued ongoing video products for the BC NDP. Seven days a week on the road, publishing multiple videos per day following leader John Horgan. Press conferences, c...




A series of client testimonial videos for Soulpepper, a digital marketing agency in Vancouver with a strong set of company values and B-corp certification. These videos showcase the client’s problem, Soulpepper’s solution and result that helped th...

Soulpepper Testimonial - Indochino


Big Brothers Golf Classic

Skillen & Co. are proud to sponsor and support the Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. We produce annual videos for their Golf Classic fundraising event, to celebrate and amplify their message and cause. This event raises over $400,000 (in 2017...

Big Brothers Golf Classic



We work with other production companies, producers and teams on an additional list of clients and projects, building best practices and partnering with an expanded team of creatives and professionals.



Creative Development & Video Storytelling

Creative Development & Video Storytelling

The most important piece of a video is the story and message. Enlist our collective experience as entrepreneurs, marketers and storytellers to discover and develop the creative and strategy for your videos. We focus on specific, measurable goals and a defined audience to create the impact you’re looking for.

Full Production

Full production

Idea to Audience – our turnkey video production takes a holistic, results based approach to ensure your investment captivates your audience and drives you to measurable results.

Production Services

Production Services

(producing, crew, equipment)

Do you have the vision already and looking for a proven team that can execute on budget? We operate nimble, fast moving production and post-production teams for your project, with an excellent roster list for the best fit for your project.

“The results of Nathan’s video production helped increase the conversion of our sales page from 1.8% to 2.4% – this was HUGE for us. Our video engagement rate has settled at 48% which is above the industry average for sales video’s. This resulted in 10’s of 1000’s of dollars of additional revenue while spending even less on advertising. For the first time in a fiscal year we had sold out EVERY workshop we produced in 2012. Many students complimented the SMD video as being “really well done” in translating the value of our program.”

Matt Astifan, Web Friendly

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nathan on several video projects for Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. He’s always on time, professional and very relaxing to work with. He takes the time to listen and understand any requests you might have during the filming. The end result of the video turns out to be just the way we envisioned it because of his attention to detail and his natural ability to capture the right moments on camera. It’s also amazing how quick and efficient he is when providing us with the finished product. I would not hesitate to recommend Nathan to anyone looking for a top quality video production.”

Stephanie Tolentino, Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver


We came to Nathan with a quickly approaching deadline for a video we needed to help with our upcoming investment round and launch into the market. Nathan was collaborative and helped make the whole process a breeze, and adapted well to hiccups that were encountered during the filming. He brought his expertise to the table and recommended a set of two videos that best suited our goals for the project. We are very happy with the work Nathan did for us from start to finish and wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Kody Baker, PEng, MBA, VeloMetro Mobility Inc.


I would highly recommend Nathan. He is professional, personable, talented and easy to work with. He does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. If you are looking for high quality video work, he is your man!

Sean Jimenez, soulpepper

BC Athletic Commission

“…Overall the services provided by Mr. Skillen were excellent. As part of our challenge the video had to
appeal to an audience in a way that encouraged behaviour change. Training camp practices for fighters
have historically included weight cutting prior to competitive bouts. These practices are unsound and
potentially extremely harmful. Mr. Skillen produced a video product that told a story which has
resonated with our industry and stakeholders on a larger basis. The feedback has been phenomenal and
the intended change is happening.


The work of BCAC in this regard is currently in the queue for Premiere Award nomination which includes
the video prepared by Mr. Skillen. The video will be highlighted at the international annual convention
of the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports.


I highly recommend for those interested in this topic area that they view the Dangers of Dehydration
video. Organizations intending to produce an educational or informative video would benefit from the
video services of Mr. Skillen. In short Mr. Skillen was extremely professional, skilled and his final product
not only satisfied our needs but has been met with some acclaim.”

Wayne Willows, BC Athletic Commissioner

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Based in between the mountains and the ocean in Vancouver, Canada, we’re rooted in family, entrepreneurialism, and storytelling.

We’re a core team of filmmakers, marketers and entrepreneurs with an expanded roster to assemble the best team for your project.

Nathan Skillen

Producer, Director

Nathan got his start making films on Galiano Island, nestled among nature and turned his passion into a career over the past decade focused on documentary, event and story based commercial films.

Gordon Skillen

Director, Business Development

Gordon has over 40 years of management, sales and marketing experience to bring to the success of capturing your story and helping you deliver your message to the right audience. An Irishman with a natural story telling personality, he encompasses his work with a passion that helps his clients capture the true essence of their story. He has built numerous highly successful businesses , from a local restaurant chain, an international software consulting firm, and a national non profit bookkeeping association. He looks forward to helping you achieve some of your goals through powerful video stories.

Jonathan Krauth


Jonathan is an accomplished, creative cinematographer, working with VICE Canada, grammy award winning artists, major brands, foundations and nonprofits.

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