Emily Carr University of Art + Design: Ron Burnett
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The Work

The team at Emily Carr University came to us with a special project: their president Ron Burnett was retiring after 22 years and they wanted to honour his legacy and impact.

The team at Emily Carr didn’t want Ron to know about this film being produced for him beforehand, so our first creative was to tell Ron’s story and his impact through several close colleagues of him. However, this became increasingly challenging to coordinate the colleagues within the scope of the project. The decision was made to pivot the idea – work within the scope of the event planned to honour his legacy.

22 of his colleagues (for his 22 years of service) and their provocations were featured and exhibited at this event, as a provocative art exhibit and performance. We told Ron’s story featuring excerpts from these provocations, and the images and expression of his closest colleagues, students and staff he impacted.