VeloMetro Mobility
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VeloMetro Mobility
VeloMetro Mobility

The Work

As soon as we heard about VeloMetro’s unique three-wheeled, enclosed electric bike, we were hooked. A startup here in Vancouver, they’re filling a transportation niche between personal vehicles and bicycles and were just preparing to launch into the market when they got in touch with us.

The initial idea started with a general brand story video to fill multiple needs, and with our creative development approach we proposed breaking the project into two deliverables to focus on their two immediate needs:

  • Promo video to promote the Veemo ridesharing service to end users and attract them to sign on and try the service. Especially for upcoming launches on the UBC campus in September 2017 and in the City of Vancouver in 2018.
  • Brand Story, with a focus on attracting investors to invest in their upcoming funding round, needed to raise $5 million for build a fleet of Veemos for launching into Vancouver in 2018.

With a tight turnaround needed and approaching deadline, we quickly setup the processes and timeline to achieve these goals, without sacrificing quality or creative contribution by both parties.

We’re happy to support new, clean technologies and growing companies with big goals to disrupt and introduce a new product to a sector that needs it the most: transportation.

Full Production

We came to Nathan with a quickly approaching deadline for a video we needed to help with our upcoming investment round and launch into the market. Nathan was collaborative and helped make the whole process a breeze, and adapted well to hiccups that were encountered during the filming. He brought his expertise to the table and recommended a set of two videos that best suited our goals for the project. We are very happy with the work Nathan did for us from start to finish and wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Kody Baker, PEng, MBA, VeloMetro Mobility Inc.