Adaptive Climbing
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Adaptive Climbing

The Work

Accessible Media Inc. is Canada’s broadcaster focused on content for and about people with disabilities. Starting in 2019, we partnered with them to produce content for their Our Community series – highlighting organizations that work to support people with disabilities.

For this series, we developed and produced a TV episode on adaptive rock climbing, showcasing multiple people with disabilities who engage in the sport with support from the Canadian Adaptive Climbing Society. Each of the featured characters had a different disability, so care was taken to adapt our work approach before and during filming to their specific needs.

Programming for AMI is required to be fully accessible to all audiences. So we used Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired and Integrated Described Video (IDV) for the visually impaired. IDV consists of writing and editing a program in a manner that allows complete understanding of the content using just audio, this is a newer technique that we were excited to employ as it creates greater accessibility.