Roots of Indigenous Strength & Entrepreneurship
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Roots of Indigenous Strength & Entrepreneurship
Roots of Indigenous Strength & Entrepreneurship

The Work

ICLD (Indigenous Community for Leadership and Development) was piloting a new approach to a program for First Nations people in BC: an entrepreneurship focused program that helped all the students launch and operate their own businesses within their own communities.

Gordon was contracted as a business mentor for the program’s students in the spring of 2017, when discussions began to tell the program and student’s story through a short documentary.

Many weeks of site visits, discussions and planning, 8 days of filming on site with a small but highly effective, tight-knit crew and many more weeks of editing and post-production have resulted in this powerful yet concise short documentary.

It is both a celebration of the students’ journeys, as well as an emotionally compelling tool in the pitch for future programs of this kind to government ministries, First Nations chiefs and band councils and community members considering this program.